The Fire Prevention Division is under the direction of the District Fire Marshal. The Fire Prevention Division conducts plan reviews of all residential, commercial, & industrial construction projects within the District. The Fire Prevention Division also conducts field inspections to ensure compliance with appropriate codes and ordinances in addition to taking appropriate action to correct unsafe conditions. The Fire Prevention Division, in coordination with the Operations Division, also provides educational fire safety programs to schools, businesses, and many other Civic and Community groups.

Fire Safety Programs

If you have an interest in any of our fire safety programs or should you have any concerns or questions about fire safety, please feel free to contact our Fire Prevention office at 502-937-2125 or via email.

Recreational Burn Permit

If you are interested in a recreational burn permit or the regulations on Open Burning, Click Here.

Download Louisville Metro’s Open Burning Regulation Pamphlet Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I have a grill at my Apartment?

  • No. No hibachi, grill, or other similar devices used for cooking, heating, or any other purpose shall be used or kindled on any balcony, under any overhanging portion, or within 10 ft. (3m) of any structure or stored on a balcony.

Can I have a fire pit in my backyard?

  • Yes. A fire pit is an acceptable permanent or portable outdoor receptacle or device that meets certain specifications. The fire pit height cannot exceed 3 feet, and the fire pit opening (or burn area), cannot be larger than 3 feet wide by 3 feet long, or 3 feet in diameter. (Click here) for Louisville Metro’s Open Burning Web Page)

What can I burn?

  • Only clean, dry firewood is allowed for any recreational fire.

What if my neighbor is burning stuff in their yard?

  • You can report illegal burn activities to Air Pollution Control District, or you can call the fire department if you feel there is imminent danger. You can report a nuisance to APCD for further investigation.

When do I need a permit?

  • You will need a permit if you are having a bonfire or recreational fire that is on the ground, not contained in an acceptable fire pit or fire place.

What types of fires don’t need a permit?

  • If you are grilling or cooking food for non-commercial purposes, and the fire is the appropriate size for what you are cooking, you will not need a permit.
  • Recreational fires in a fire pit or outdoor fireplace do not require permits if they fall within the size requirements. Fires can be no larger than 3 ft (90 cm) wide by 3 ft long by 3 ft tall.
  • Any other kind or size of recreational fire will need a permit.

How do I get a permit?

  • Permit application forms are available online here, or we can fax or mail one to you. Call (502) 574-6000 and ask for the Compliance Section. Tell them you’d like a burn permit.

Does Pleasure Ridge Park Fire inspect Recreational Vehicles or Campers?

  • No. Contact Buechel Fire Protection District at 502-491-0085 or visit Buechel Fire’s website for more info on RV inspections

Louisville Metro’s Smoke-Free Ordinance (No. 083, Series 2017)

Louisville Metro’s Smoke-Free Ordinance (No. 083, Series 2017) prohibits smoking in indoor public places and worksites. The 2008 Ordinance was enacted before electronic cigarettes came on the market and did not explicitly include hookah products. (Click Here) for Louisville Metro’s Smoke-Free Ordinance)

Fire Prevention Staff

Major Allen Richard – Chief of Fire Prevention Bureau
Troy Kerr – Fire Inspector II
Carl Thompson – Fire Inspector I
Matt Gawarecki – Fire Inspector I