The Special Operations Division is the formation of members, with advanced training, into specialized Response Teams. These teams consist of services such as, Hazardous Materials, Swift Water Rescue, and Trench/Collapse Rescue. Members of these Special Operation Teams receive additional training on techniques & equipment specifically related to the field chosen, in accordance with NFPA & OSHA standards. The Pleasure Ridge Park Fire District has several members trained in the skills, knowledge, & abilities in these specific fields. These special programs help enhance our core goals in providing the best possible services to citizens of our community and surrounding communities.

Our teams are also dedicated members of the Jefferson County Special Operations (JSOC Team). What that consists of is, along with the other 11 County Fire Districts, we combine to make a large Response Team that is tactically ready and efficient to respond to any emergency in our region. On a larger scale, members of the JSOC Team, responded to Hurricane Katrina.

We are dedicated to serving our community, and the surrounding communities, with professional service.