It is the mission of the Training Division to provide to the Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District Members, the highest level of the training, and the most current, relevant continuing education.

At the center of this mission is the Fire District’s Training Center, a sprawling facility covering 14,000 square feet and sets on 10+ acres of property next to the Ohio River.

From the Basic Recruit Academy that trains the next generation Firefighters, to the state-of-the-art command simulation lab that keeps our Commanders on the cutting edge of strategy and tactics, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our training programs, and the development of new programs that reflect the changing needs of the modern fire service.

The Training Center also offers the capability to hold advanced classes in the areas of:

Hazardous Materials Incidents
Swift Water/Flood/River Rescue
High Angle
Confined Space

The North Training Ground is where our 5-story mixed use tower is located. Built in 2000, the training Tower simulates a multitude of structures and occupancy types. It is here that we simulate many differing types of incident responses, allowing our Firefighters to practice their skills in real world situations, and maximizing their continuing education.

The West Training Ground contains specialized props ranging from rail cars, to pressurized vessels, to a manufactured home. It is in this area of the facility that we can simulate high risk specialized incidents for our special response groups.

Our goals are simple:

Deliver a quality training schedule that reflects the needs of our Firefighters, and the needs of those we serve.

Consistently deliver our programs, ensuring that all members have the opportunity to receive the best education available.

Encourage everyone to seek a higher level of training and education, and mentor the next generation of fire service instructors.

Captain Jason Robinson
8201 Greenwood Road
Louisville, KY 40258
Fax: 502-935-7828